Site Investigation

(Compliance to BS5930: 1990 Site Investigation)

  1. Exploratory Borehole Drilling, Sampling and Coring
  2. Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  3. Geonor Vane Test
  4. Permeability Test
  5. In-Site Packer Permeability Test for Soil and Rock
  6. In-Situ Pressuremeter Test for Soil and Rock
  7. Acoustics Televiewer
  8. Soil Description and Rock Classification
  9. Cone Penetration Tests (Piezocone)
  10. Hand/Peat Augering
  11. Trial Pit
  12. Mackintosh/JKR Probe Test
  13. Dynamic Cone Penetration Test
  14. Thermal Resistivity Test
  15. Underground Utilities Scanning