Laboratory Testing

  1. Classification Tests (Moisture Content, Atterberg Limit, Specific Gravity, Particle Size Distribution*, etc)
  2. Shear Strength Test (UC, UU, SUU, CIU, CD, Direct Shear, etc)*
  3. 1-D Consolidation*
  4. Permeability Test (Constant Head & Falling Head)*
  5. Chemical Analysis (pH, SO2, Cl-, Organic Content etc)*
  6. Compaction Test (Rammer & Vibration Method)*
  7. CBR Test (Soaked & Unsoaked)*

  1. Unconfined Compressive Strength Test*
  2. Point Load Test*
  3. Triaxial Test*
  4. Direct Shear Test*
  5. Modulus & Passion's Ratio*, etc.

Aggregate's Physical, Mechanical & Chemical Testing
  1. Clay, Silt and Dust Content
  2. Grading Analysis
  3. Atterberg Limit
  4. Specific Gravity and Water Absorption Test
  5. Flakiness Index
  6. Elongation Index
  7. Aggregate Crushing Value
  8. Aggregate Impact Value
  9. Ten Percent Fine Value
  10. Soundness Test
  11. Los Angeles, Abrasion Test*
  12. Organic Impurities Test*
  13. Polish Stone Value Test*
  14. Total Sulphate Content*
  15. Chloride Content*

  1. Strength Tests (Cube, Cylinder*, Modulus & Poisson Ratio*)
  2. Non-Destructive Tests (Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test, Rebound Hammer Test, Windsor Probe Test, etc.)*
  3. Durability Tests (Carbonation, Permeability, Half-Cell Potential, Resistivity, Cover Measurement, Chloride & Sulphate Tests)*
  4. Destructive Tests (Core Test)*
  5. Cryogenic Test*

Reinforcement Steel
  1. Tensile Test
  2. Bending Test*
  3. Re-bending Test*

Asphatic Test (Pavement Evaluation Services)
  1. Road Pavement Coring for Thickness Measurement and Determination of Density*
  2. Marshall, Stability and Flow Test*
  3. Bitumen Extraction Test and Grading of Aggregate*

Other Material Test
  1. Brick Test (Compressive Strength Test, Water Absorption Test, Physical Measurement of Dimension, etc)*
  2. Mortar Cube Test (Compressive Strength Test)*
  3. Epoxy Resin (Compressive Test)*

Tests marked with " * " are not included in the SAMM Accreditation Schedule of our laboratory