Construction Site QA/QC Testing

  1. Field Testing
    1. Field Density Test (Sand Replacement Method)
    2. In-Situ CBR Test
    3. Plate Bearing Test
    4. Mackintosh Probe Test / JKR Probe
    5. Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
    6. Concrete Coring Test*
    7. Road Pavement Coring for Thickness Measurement and Determination of Density*

  2. Non Destructive Testing
    1. Rebound Hammer*
    2. Windsor Probe Test*
    3. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity*
    4. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge*
    5. Rebar Scanning/ Cover meter Survey*
    6. Half Cell Potential, etc*
    7. Structural Inspection and Repairs*

Tests marked with " * " are not included in the SAMM Accreditation Schedule of our laboratory


Site Laboratory and Field Testing Service

As request by clients, we also provide mobile laboratory complete with technicians and equipment and station full time at construction site and offer full package of testing services to project requirement. This can greatly reduce the time and cost of re-mobilization of technicians and equipment.